Welcome to the future: Utopia Analytics.

Using the finest artificial intelligence, text analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Utopia AI Moderator

Our automated content moderation software identifies and removes improper content, cyberbullying and online fraud in news commentary, chat forums, online marketplaces, online dating platforms, in-game chats, e-commerce sites and more.

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Utopia AI Insurance

Utopia AI Claim Handler dramatically simplifies your manual claim handling process while increasing the level of automation.

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Utopia AI Support Hero

Are your customers loyal and happy? Do you know what they want and need? What could you do differently if you knew all the answers?

Utopia AI provides you with new insights into Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and how to improve it.

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Utopia AI Consulting

AI automatisation is the future. Start your AI transformation today.

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Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform

Automates the text and data handling with a range of text classification, clustering and visualisation methods.

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Case studies

Take a look at how our AI technology has helped our customers.