Let’s bring democracy back into social media.

Automated 24/7 protection from illicit content, cyber-bullying and online fraud.

AI Moderator automates your user-generated-content moderation in real time, efficiently and around the clock. Based on artificial intelligence, AI Moderator identifies, flags and removes automatically any unwanted or dubious content from your online discussions, social media postings and peer-to-peer commerce sites.

AI Moderator reduces the need for human moderation dramatically – up to 95%. Saving 95% of your moderators’ time and effort from manual moderation not only means cost savings, but also the ability to focus on cases needing human attention.

Your rules, our tools.

AI Moderator Features & Benefits


AI Moderator deploys consistent and up-to-date moderation policy controlled by you. Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, AI Moderator processes moderation with an accuracy that exceeds human input anytime – and every time.

Real-time 24/7.

AI Moderator analyses all content in real-time and returns publishing approval or denial in milliseconds. It can deal heavy peak loads with multiple simultaneous postings, around the clock, 24/7 – even when your moderators are asleep.


AI Moderator doesn’t define your moderation policy. You do. Using text mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it learns from your data, identifies various contexts, and adjusts and executes your policy accordingly – or even multiple policies.


AI Moderator reduces the need to moderate repetitive, routine tasks. It frees time for humans to focus on cases needing human intervention. This, in turn, improves your moderators’ efficiency, consistency and job satisfaction.

Any language.

AI Moderator is the only true language-agnostic moderation tool in the world. It was developed and tested with the most complex language in the world, Finnish – and can easily be deployed into any language – or even multiple language environments.

Saves up to 99,5%.

AI Moderator’s fully automated process saves at least 90%, and up to 99,5% of the labor that goes into manual moderation. Apart from savings in labor costs, it frees your moderators’ time to focus on building an active and valuable community. For you, your users – and your advertisers.

Why AI Moderator?

Quick and easy to implement.

AI Moderator is a SaaS-solution. No installation on local servers is necessary, which makes integration quick and easy.

Works with any language.

AI Moderator does not deal with word filters. It’s artificial intelligence learning from your moderation history and policies.

Learning forever.

All moderation done by humans is processed and updated into AI Moderator. There is no need to update filters, ontologies or keywords.

Gentle or strict.

You can adjust the strictness of your AI Moderator to any need or situation – based on the discussions at hand, hours or day of the week.

You decide.

You and your data decide your moderation policy. AI Moderator learns from you, your data and adjusts actions accordingly.


No long comment approval ques or policy backlogs. Comments are sent for moderation immediately and approved or denied within milliseconds.

Bringing the talk back.

Utopia Analytics is one of the world’s leading text analytics companies.

Our mission is to bring back democracy into social media. We do this by solving complex content-related challenges for selected clients with the help of our text analytics, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence expertise.

By utilizing the latest text and data mining techniques, as well as our proprietary technology, we combine our algorithms with a deep understanding of both business and end user needs.

Our strength lies in our employees: we are several doctorate-level experts, hailing from strong research background from the world’s top institutions in their respective academic fields of expertise.

All this will contribute to our vision of a world where open, transparent and fair talk has become the new normal online.

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