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Every business wants to make decisions based on the best available information around the current status of their customers, their services, employees, internal processes and the broader environment. Artificial Intelligence, or machine learning, is a tool that processes data in the same way that humans do, but one that can instantly provide the big picture about what’s really going on in your business.

At the same time, a successful AI implementation will require certain standards around data volumes, data structure and data quality so that the machine can model successfully. One of the side-benefits of this work is that the business fixes major data problems, something which helps every department of the company. Better management of data simplifies the finance reporting processes, makes granular customer analysis a possibility, and reduces the maintenance and data development costs across the board. AI is the future – even if you are not making your information processes more efficient using AI, your competitors most probably are.

Utopia Analytics has deep expertise in data, data modelling and enterprise data handling, especially as a precursor to implementing an AI service. We offer professional advice and consultancy on planning the optimum path to an AI enabled future-proof business, whatever your start point.

To get on the right track takes knowledge and expertise. Utopia Analytics can help make your business transformation to AI a smooth and efficient one – and save you time, resources and money from day one.

High-quality data

Our insight

These days there is data available for almost every part of the business process. Companies can no longer afford to make decisions on gut instinct. The bedrock for any data-driven business is a confidence that your data is accurate and compatible with all aspects of your business.

How we can help

Utopia Analytics can help your company identify and design a simple data model that will be compatible with your AI systems and analytics processes from day one. We make implementation faster, more cost-efficient, more adaptable to existing business areas, and more scalable for future growth.

The benefits

  • Covers all functions in your organisation
  • Easier to integrate between various systems
  • Higher level of automated processes
  • Compatible for both analytics and reporting
  • Simpler implementation into new business areas.


Analytics expertise

Our insight

ICT systems are developing at a rapid pace. Thanks to open source, analytics tools are readily available and can easily be tailored for all business specialisms, needs, requirements and integrations. However, implementation into existing systems that are not analytics-compatible can be extremely labour intensive, time consuming and complicated – all at a cost.

How we can help   

Utopia Analytics offers an holistic and comprehensive consultancy for data-driven companies. Our analytics, data modelling and AI expertise can really help your business. By considering analytics at the outset, at the system architecture phase, and then working closely with you to implement and integrate the analytics into your existing ecosystems, we can help you save time and money.

The benefits

  • The automation of large amounts of data
  • Minimising the number of databases
  • Improving accuracy of information
  • Reduces the risk of human data handling errors
  • Reducing ICT, data and maintenance costs.

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