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Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s rapidly transforming many industries, enabling restructuring and replacing of repetitive, time-consuming and cost-intensive routines. When used in full force, AI can truly save time and cut costs. And when used correctly, it can also provide your management a holistic and comprehensive view into business-critical performance indicators.

To make the most of AI in your business, all your data needs to accessible, in AI-usable form, and comparable with all functions within your company. This means that data quality needs to be taken into account even before it is generated.

The transformation into an AI-driven company is not merely an ICT investment, but a pervasive change of processes covering the whole organization. And the bigger your company, the sooner this transformation needs to get started.

To get on the right track takes knowledge and expertise. Utopia can help to make your company’s transformation to AI smooth and efficient – and save your time, resources and money from day one.

High-quality data

Our insight

Businesses can no longer afford to go on gut instinct. As a result, data has become the fuel of evidence and the most valuable asset for decision-making. The first step for any data-driven business is to ensure that your data is high-quality and compatible with all aspects of your business.

How we can help

Utopia can help your company to identify and design a data model that is compatible with your AI systems and analytics processes from day one. We make implementation faster, more cost-efficient, adaptable to existing business areas and scalable for future growth.

The benefits

  • Covers all functions in your organization
  • Easier to integrate between various systems
  • Higher level of automated processes
  • Compatible for both analytics and reporting
  • Simpler implementation into new business areas.


Analytics expertise

Our insight

ICT systems are developing at a rapid pace. Thanks to open source, analytics tools are readily available and can easily be tailored for all businesses areas, specific needs and integrations. However, implementation into existing systems, that are not analytics-compatible can be extremely labor-intensive, time-consuming, complicated – and costly.

How we can help   

Let our analytics, data modelling and AI expertise help you. Utopia offers a holistic and comprehensive consultancy for data-driven companies. By taking analytics into consideration from the initial phases of system architecture, and all the way to implementing and integrating analytics into existing ecosystems, we can help you save time and money.

The benefits

  • Automating large amounts of data
  • Minimizing the number of databases
  • Improving accuracy of information
  • Less risk of human data handling errors
  • Reducing ICT, data and maintenance costs.

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