Future of insurance claim handling.

Utopia AI Claim Handler dramatically simplifies your manual claim handling process while increasing the level of automation.


Utopia AI Claim Handler

Future-proof your insurance company with our advanced AI. No matter what languages, and regardless of the number of incoming insurance claims, you can start today.

Utopia AI Claim Handler takes the responsibility for the overall claim handling process. The tool learns from the claim handling decisions your human claims adjusters have made previously, works in real time and with a higher degree of accuracy when compared to humans.

Using advanced AI, Utopia AI Claim Handler understands the context, works in any language, and is especially good at informal language, slang or dialect. Our tool increases the speed and quality of the insurance claim handling process. It removes delays and provides reliable, consistent decisions around the clock, allowing human claim handlers to focus on only the most difficult cases.

Utopia AI Claim Handler is ready for production use in only two weeks, and it processes 100% of your incoming claims. It stays up-to-date by continuously learning as it works.

Various uses

Every claim handled automatically

Utopia AI is able to read the free text content besides all other data you have about claims and end up to similar claim handling decisions your human adjusters make, but just in milliseconds.

Ordering the claims for humans

Each claim is ordered according to their urgency and possibility to succeed. This can be used to forward the most important or difficult cases for the specialised teams.

Audit the full claim handling process

Since every claim is handled automatically, you receive real-time information about the status of both of your manual claim handling process and the incoming claims.



Free text processing

Processing the free text together with structured data is natural for Utopia AI Claim Handler. It understands the meaning in the claim text or adjusters’ comments. It is the only true language-agnostic claim handing tool in the world, and was originally developed in one of the most complex language in the world, Finnish. As a result it can easily be deployed into any language or dialect.

Decision categories

The outcoming claim handling decision may be for example to pay, replace, repair, repudiate or something else, according to your claims handling practices. Utopia AI Claim Handler learns automatically from your data.

Your claims data

Utopia AI Claim Handler can handle any content available for human claims adjusters, including policy holder background information, policy terms, communication with the PH, actual claim text content, output of other processing tools, etc.

Utopia AI

The unique text analytics AI technology behind Utopia AI Claim Handler is developed by our top scientists. It doesn’t require Natural Language Processing (NLP) components. The AI notices various triggers in the vast amount of data in each claim better than humans.

Tailor-made off the shelf tool

To implement Utopia AI Claim Handler takes only 2 weeks. It is a SaaS solution and your IT team will be able to integrate your database to the Utopia API in few days. If you want to change the decision practices, it’s very easy.

Your rules, our tools

Utopia AI Claim Handler doesn’t define your claim handling practices. You do. It learns from your human decisions to meet your specific requirements. The advanced AI approach makes your claim handling process much more simple.

Interested? Let's talk.

Contact us to try Utopia AI Claim Handler with your claims handling process in a dedicated pilot project. To get started, all we need is the human claims decisions from your database. We will guide you every step of the way in the integration process, and give a clear documentation.