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Utopia AI Moderator

Utopia AI Moderator is a fully automated real-time moderation tool to protect your online community and your brand from abusive user-generated content and cyberbullies. While reducing the need for human moderation work up to 99 %, Utopia AI Moderator deploys a consistent and up-to-date moderation policy, learned from your data. This means typically even better accuracy compared to human moderators.

Utopia AI Moderator increases the quality in discussions. It can handle peak loads and provides reliable moderation round the clock, allowing human moderators to focus on moderation policy management and the trickiest cases.


Quality discussions & content

Utopia AI Moderator cleans the discussions and user-generated content. You will have quality content and happier users, more time spent on your site, and more marketing income. For you, your users – and your advertisers.

Saves up to 99%

Utopia AI Moderator’s fully automated process saves up to 99% of the labor that goes now into manual moderation. Apart from savings in labor costs, it frees your moderators’ time to focus on building an active and valuable community.

Moderation policy up-to-date

While the world changes, Utopia AI Moderator learns more. All moderation done by humans is updated for Utopia AI Moderator. You will always have the big picture about what’s going on on your website.


Easy to use

Your data defines your moderation policy, Utopia AI Moderator learns it automatically. There is no need to provide or maintain filters, ontologies or word lists. You can continue to use your own content management system.


No long approval queues waiting for publishing. No hate speech, frauds or spam in already published content. New content is sent for moderation immediately and approved or denied within milliseconds.


Utopia AI Moderator handles the repetitive, routine tasks. It frees time for humans to focus on cases needing human intervention. This, in turn, improves your moderators’ efficiency, consistency and job satisfaction.


Utopia AI

The unique text analytics AI technology behind Utopia AI Moderator is developed by our doctors. It works for any language or dialect in the world and deploys consistent and up-to-date moderation policy controlled by you. Utopia AI is more accurate than a group of human moderators.

Quick and easy to implement

The start project of Utopia AI Moderator takes only 2–3 weeks. Utopia AI Moderator is a SaaS solution and your IT will be able to integrate your database to Utopia API in few days. If you want to change your moderation policy, it’s very easy.

Real-time, 24/7

Utopia AI Moderator analyses all content in real time and returns publishing approval or denial in milliseconds. It can deal heavy peak loads with multiple simultaneous postings, around the clock – even when your office is empty.

Your rules, our tools

Utopia AI Moderator doesn’t define your moderation policy. You do. Using text mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it learns from your data, identifies various contexts, and adjusts and executes your policy accordingly – or even multiple policies. It keeps your moderation policy stable from day to day.

Social media language

Utopia AI Moderator is extremely good with informal language which contains spelling errors or new meanings for words. It is the only true language-agnostic moderation tool in the world. It was developed with one of the most complex language in the world, Finnish – and can easily be deployed into any language.

Image moderation

Similarly to text, also images can be moderated automatically according to your own moderation policy. Adding an image moderation feature increases the overall quality of your user-generated content.

Optional features

For even more advanced professional use, Utopia AI Moderator provides more features such as link processing, language recognition and duplicate detection. It can even state you the reason why each moderation decision was made the way it was.

Same tool for different uses

Utopia AI Moderator works perfectly for all kinds of user generated content: news comments, C2C market places, messaging, user profiles, as well as images. It handles text,  class information, numbers and structures.

Interested? Let's talk.

Contact us and try Utopia AI Moderator with your moderation policy in a dedicated pilot project. To get started, all we need is the moderation decisions from your database. We will guide you every step of the way in the integration process, and give a clear documentation.

How does Utopia AI Moderator work?

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