Bringing back the talk.

Utopia helps many leading media companies to improve the quality of discussions, manage the moderation policy and save costs. Our tools are used on numerous news commenting sites, C2C commerce sites, online discussion forums, chats, as well as gaming and social media sites around the world.

A leading Finnish media outlet Iltalehti switches to automated news comment moderation.

See how Utopia AI Moderator benefits Finland’s second-largest online media.

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Utopia AI Moderator keeps 12,5 million shoppers shopping.

When the 35 experts of Tamedia brand – Switzerland’s largest online marketplace – serve 12,5 million monthly visitors, there’s some work to do.

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Keeping Suomi24 bubbling since 2016.

Utopia AI Moderator is successfully used to moderate Finland’s largest social platform Suomi24 by Aller.

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Kids’ chats in nine European languages kept safe at Momio.

Utopia AI Moderator protects Momio’s young users from bullying as well as educates them on what is appropriate and what is not.

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Schibsted’s marketplace leverages AI to increase their ad liquidity.

Today, our technology has become one of’s most essential tools.

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