Utopia AI increased engagement and improved community stickiness at Kronen Zeitung.

A language with over a dozen of dialects

Austria’s largest newspaper Kronen Zeitung is known for its opinionated readership. Their readers are well engaged with the news outlet, usually referred to as “Krone”. They are attentive to daily events, such as national and international politics, sports, business, and lifestyle. The readers voice their opinion by commenting on and discussing these topics.

“Krone.at is a reader-centered online-newspaper with a clear focus on improving the user experience by utilizing our user-generated-content”, says Krone’s Head of Community Peter Zeilinger, “we have over half a million monthly comments, which were previously manually moderated prior to publishing. The workload was high and required attendance during late evening hours and weekends. This made it impossible to leave our comment sections open 24/7.”

To keep the audience engagement quality at a high point and to publish comments faster, Krone started to look for an automated content moderation solution. But where to find one for Austrian German, which includes over a dozen of dialects?

“Extremely satisfied”

Utopia offered Krone a pilot where they could test its AI-based moderation service to validate its real-life benefits. Krone took some old comments and their human moderation decisions from their database and gave them to Utopia as training data for a tailor-made AI model. Utopia deployed the automated moderation solution for Krone in just two weeks.

“We were extremely satisfied with the results, and we decided to sign a contract with Utopia already before the pilot period was finished. Switching to production was simple, since nothing needed to be changed as the pilot was already of production quality and production ready.”

More comments, increased engagement and higher community stickiness.

Utopia AI Moderator saves approximately 75% of Krone’s previous workload, as the routine work is now automated and the human moderators can concentrate on the small number of tricky cases, where community managers are needed to make the final decision.

Automatically accepted comments are now published in real time, and the majority is published without delay. To Krone’s positive surprise, this has led to more comments, increased engagement and higher community stickiness.

“Using Utopia AI, we have even been able to increase the quality of our human moderation by using the feedback, which the AI system provides.”

Austria’s leading newspaper

Kronen Zeitung is Austria’s most widely read and largest newspaper. krone.at functions as the newspaper’s online presence and is known for creating a community platform, which makes room for lively discussions. The readers get the chance to exchange arguments with journalists and experts.

Frequency of publication Daily

Unique clients

50.000.000 – 60.000.000 per month

6.000.000 – 7.000.000 per month

Online payment model All content for free
Location Austria
Publisher Krone Multimedia GmbH & Co KG
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 1900 (newspaper)

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