TX Group’s general classified site Tutti.ch turned to AI to safeguard its quality.

“We are very happy with our decision to partner with Utopia and enjoy the professional attitude, pleasant collaboration and the excellent quality of their AI moderation decisions”


“Handling this number of items in three languages and over 80+ categories with only human moderators would be next to impossible. Utopia’s AI has proven to be indispensable and a reliable tool to support our human moderators. While AI handles the bulk of our listing moderation, we can now concentrate on the special cases and improve the quality of moderation and content on tutti.ch. We are very happy with our decision to partner with Utopia and enjoy the professional attitude, pleasant collaboration and the excellent quality of moderation decisions.”

Cliff des Ligneris
Product Manager


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The Case

1. About the client

Tutti.ch is the leading classifieds marketplace in Switzerland. More than a quarter of the Swiss population – 2 million monthly unique visitors – buy and sell items on tutti.ch every month. The site operates in German, French and Italian languages and is owned by Tamedia, the largest privately-owned media group in Switzerland.

2. Challenge & Goals

Tutti.ch runs thousands of new classifieds each day. With three languages in use, manual moderation is monotonous, tiring and labour-intensive. This led to inevitable discrepancies in content quality and moderation need. Tutti.ch’s challenge was to improve its moderation delay, quality and consistency, and keep staff costs under control.

3. Solution

To solve its challenges in moderation speed, quality and consistency, and to improve its labour efficiency, tutti.ch decided to complement its human moderation with Utopia AI Moderator. The service was implemented into the site’s German and Italian language versions.

4. Implementation

As the first step, Utopia worked with an extract from the tutti.ch moderation history database. This was easily extracted using Utopia’s detailed instructions. Over the next two weeks, Utopia used the data extract to develop a fully operational Utopia AI Moderator, which tutti.ch implemented in the testing environment set up by Utopia. The integration was quick and effortless, partly due to the instructions and active support by Utopia. The Utopia AI Moderator was up and running within three weeks of delivery of the trial data set.

5. Roll-out

Utopia’s AI Moderator rolled out live with German and Italian languages in the Autumn of 2017. Initially, the service was tested alongside human moderation, and AI moderation results were compared side by side with human moderation decisions. Simultaneously, some improvements were made in cooperation with Utopia to improve accuracy and usability.

6. Results

Through its partnership with Utopia, tutti.ch was able to gain a good understanding of how the service works and experience its reliability in a live environment. As a result, human moderation resources were reduced in phases – helping the human moderators to focus on the trickiest cases and manage moderation in general. While the automatic updates ensured that the service was up to date and continuously improving over time, tutti.ch managed to make significant savings in human moderation costs.

About tutti.ch

Tutti.ch is Switzerland’s largest online peer-to-peer commerce site. Owned by TX Group, the leading privately-owned media group in Switzerland, the company offers digital platforms, daily and weekly newspapers and magazines. TX Group was founded in 1893 and employs approximately 3,400 people in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg and Serbia. The company has been listed in the Swiss stock exchange since 2000.



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