first considered developing the AI tech by themselves.

In 2019, Dutch online newspaper ran into limitations with its moderation process. They looked for potential service providers and researched the possibilities of artificial intelligence based content moderation, and briefly considered developing the technology internally, but in the end the news site teamed up with Utopia.

Utopia provides language independent text analytics services and already provided news comment moderation solution for established media companies was familiar with.

“Utopia created tailor-made AI moderation model for us in two weeks. We provided previous human-moderated comments with results from our database, and Utopia used their proprietary machine learning algorithms to train the AI model.

Previously every comment was manually checked before publishing. With Utopia we quickly reached 80% automation level. Real-time publishing has had major positive impact in the reader engagement. The number of comments tripled in a few months, mostly due to the corona virus and new features, and automated moderation made it possible to handle this growth.”, says Colin van Hoek,’s Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Utopia AI has also the ability to give feedback to human moderators on their moderation decisions. At, the feedback has helped human moderators to improve their work quality and consistency.

About was launched in 1999 and is based in the Netherlands. It provides news related to economy, sports, health, entertainment, and much more. was earlier owned by Sanoma Media Netherlands and in late 2019 was purchased by Belgian group DPG Media.


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