Improving the culture of dialogue.

When an online community creates 6 million posts a year and talks at the speed of 16,500 messages every day, keeping the talk crisp and clean becomes a mission impossible with mere human moderation. Utopia AI Moderator is the solution. Today, it’s helping in keeping an open, fair and relevant talk at the core of the largest discussion forum in Finland.


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The Case

1. About Suomi24

Owned by the media company Aller, Suomi24 is the largest and one of the most active Finnish social networks. Based on its moderation policies, Suomi24 aims to uphold a diverse and open discussion, allowing various opinions, as well as critical and even provocative viewpoints. Despite the open policy, moderation is proactive but impartial towards all users and opinions.

2. Challenge & Goals

As the online community has grown, upholding the desired level of moderation efficiently has become increasingly challenging with human moderation only. Faced with this challenge, Aller wants to increase the frequency and improve the quality of moderation, while simultaneously keeping its moderation-related labor costs at current level.

3. Solution

In line with its goals, Aller chooses to complement human moderation with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Utopia AI Moderator is chosen for its unrivalled capability to handle colloquial language, neologistic words and atypical as well as misspelt words. Further emphasis is placed on the ability to view comments holistically and recognition of semantic content.

4. Implementation

Utopia AI Moderator is implemented with a pilot phase. Lasting approximately three months, the first phase involves feeding Utopia AI Moderator’s AI engine with approved and denied entries resulting from human moderation. Within one week, Utopia AI Moderator’s automated moderation algorithm is in line with human moderation with a 90% accuracy.

5. Roll-out

As the accuracy levels continue to improve with the increased volume of learning data, Utopia AI Moderator is launched. In the second phase Utopia AI Moderator is given independent access to comment approval and denial, with close supervision from human moderators. Simultaneously, user feedback is observed closely and further optimization is done actively.

6. Results

Whilst upholding moderation policies intact, the number of inappropriate content removed monthly increases from 8,000 to 28,000. Simultaneously, users have taken a more active role in reporting dubious content, and human moderators are now able to focus on content needing attention. In addition, user satisfaction has improved and advertising spend is on the rise.

About Suomi24

Launched in 1998, nearly 2 million Finns have registered onto Suomi24. With over 3 million visitors each month, posting 6 million messages annually and 16,500 posts every day makes Suomi24 the largest Finnish online discussion forum. Since 2007, Suomi24 is an independent company, owned by Aller Media.



Customer testimonial

“Moderation is an essential part of sites with lots of user-generated content. At Suomi24, we get 6 million new discussions and comments every year.

Ethics and high-quality operative execution are key to our moderation culture. Our baseline was that automation should not restrict the users’ freedom of expression.

We chose Utopia AI Moderator for its unrivalled moderation capability to handle colloquial, normal talk as well as new emerging expressions, spellings and misspellings. With Artificial Intelligence we have been able to upgrade our moderation capabilities and improve the culture of dialogue within our service.”

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