Adevinta Hungary chose Utopia to future-proof their business.

Jófogás, the leading online marketplace in Hungary, decided to automate the text and image moderation for classified ads to improve publishing speed and quality.

From Jófogás

Speed, quality, support, easy integration & pricing made Jófogás choose Utopia AI

The case

Jófogás has nearly 2 million classified ads and more than 2 million monthly users. Moderation of ads needs to happen quickly so the ads can be published without delay.

Utopia’s tailor-made, machine learning based moderation models enable automatic screening for 100% of ads in real time. Both text and image content in the ads are moderated. The accuracy and consistency are higher than what can be achieved with combination of word list based filters and human moderation. A particularly important feature for Jófogás is duplicate detection. Some users tend to publish the same ad again and again to gain better visibility on the site instead of buying visibility from Jófogás. Using Utopia’s effective duplicate detection therefore drives additional revenue.

By using Utopia AI Moderator, Jófogás‘s ads will be published immediately, without any delay and with better quality than before. Automated moderation is also cost-effective because the amount of manual moderation is reduced drastically.

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