Enabling a positive in-game chat experience with AI content moderation.

Community is where everything happens, it is the heart of it. The more users are able to engage the more you can guide the story, product, and even make investment decisions.

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Utopia AI Moderator in action

A fully automated real-time content moderation tool that protects your online community and
brand from unwanted content and behaviour.
Utopia AI automatically learns your unique community terms of use, and moderates user generated content
in any language, 24/7, while reducing manual human moderation work by up to 99.9%

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Real-time, 24/7 moderation

Utopia AI analyses all content in real time, returning approval or rejection in milliseconds while supporting high traffic volumes.

Fully automated

Automatically adapts to the constant community changes, by understanding the context and semantic meaning.

Supports every language

Quick and easy to implement and deploy in any language and dialect in the world, only within a few days.

A SaaS tool ready to use in 2 weeks

Based only on your data, Utopia builds a tailor-made AI model in 2 weeks. Your team will be able to integrate and deploy Utopia API in a few days.

Understands gaming lingo

Informal language, spelling errors, slangs or new meanings for words, are taken care of without the need of human word-list maintenance.

Highly accurate and 100% consistent

Extreme accuracy, in content moderation up to 99.9%. Utopia AI is more accurate and more consistent than manual moderation.


More social features & safer community

Utopia AI catches inappropriate content before it’s published. More social features in a safe environment will enhance the user experience and increase engagement, spend and loyalty.

Consistent moderation based on your guidelines

Utopia AI is trained to follow your unique content moderation policy without bias using machine learning. This helps keep your moderation policy consistent and up-to-date.

Reduce cost

Utopia’s fully automated process reduces the cost of manual moderation and volume of reported content. Increasing your moderators’ time to focus on building an engaged community.

A story from one of our customers

Utopia AI Moderator helps protect Star Stable gamers chat and gaming experience by moderating all messages in real time in English, Swedish, Hungarian, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. _____________________________

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Proven to work.

Our ultimate goal is to make the internet a safer and more equal space, where conversations and communities can be built up and on. We do this through our advanced AI technology.

Utopia AI was developed and tested with the most complex language in the world, Finnish. Today, leading chat service providers and online peer-to-peer selling sites around the world are using Utopia AI.

Utopia Analytics

Founded in 2014, Utopia Analytics is one of the world’s leading text analytics companies. We are PhD-level experts in AI, text analytics and computational linguistics.

Utopia has a deep understanding of both business and end user needs. We solve our customers’ challenges with the latest techniques, as well as our proprietary technology.

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