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Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform

Highly accurate AI text analytics, tailor-made for you. Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform will automatically analyse images and text in any language. It’s quick to integrate, ready only in few weeks. Use it to automate your time consuming routine moderation tasks.

Utopia Analytics are world-leading text analytics experts. Our text analytics tool provides user-friendly, intuitive and time-saving shortcuts for a wide variety of text classification, clustering and documentation needs, all powered by artificial intelligence, data mining and machine learning, Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform is a SaaS service, accessible through the Utopia API, and works with any language or dialect in the world.



Text classification

Categorising a message: manually it takes 30 seconds, automatically 30 milliseconds. And when it comes to accuracy, our AI scores higher than humans when it comes to classifications, tags or segments. Finally, numerical information can be used, allowing you to select the topic automatically for an incoming message.

Text clustering

Utopia AI clusters messages or documents into groups of similar texts, using no prior knowledge or bias about what the clusters should be. This allows you to visualise the big picture when it comes to text, free from human preconceptions.

Intelligent matching

Utopia AI is able to learn from human decisions and identify the best matched user applications and/or CVs for a job posting. Your open position can be filled in a second with the best candidate.

Text analytics

Utopia AI can replace routine manual work using machine learning and AI. It’s highly accurate in processing and understanding the semantic meaning of high volumes of text. It works for multiple languages at the same time, as well as for  informalities and spelling errors. Features include keyword extraction, text filtering and sentiment analysis among others.

Discussion trends

Utopia AI provides a new insight behind hashtags: it will detect which content is really new in online discussions. The Utopia AI service then links together and labels all the new topics, reporting automatically how they have trended over time.

Semantic Search

The user does not need to give the exact words to find a document. Instead, the user gives a piece of text or a description and receives all the other text which has has similar meaning than the search text.



Tools built for you

Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform provides high-quality AI products tailor-made for you in only few weeks. Your rules, our tools.

Real-time, 24/7

The platform is scalable and answers immediately. We have focused on services which are stable, robust and predictable. Due to the possibilities of machine learning it can reliably automate any type of extremely complex processing of data.

Easy to integrate

Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform requires only a lightweight integration layer from your data storage to Utopia’s API. We will provide the integration code examples. A SaaS solution accessed through https API keeps your data processes clean.

Any language and type of content

Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform requires only a lightweight integration layer from your data storage to Utopia API. We will provide the integration code examples. A SaaS solution accessed through an API keeps your data processes clean.

Images, speech and numbers

Besides text, Utopia AI handles pictures, videos, numbers, speech and categorical information. Utopia’s text analytics technology is extremely effective with unstructured data.

Easy to use

Utopia’s tools have been designed for the end users. They do not have to understand the complex details of AI and Utopia’s SaaS service takes care of the quality. Utopia’s tools can be combined with your existing content management tools and user interfaces.

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