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Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform

As the amount of text in different forms can be overwhelming, many of the problems can be solved with Utopia AI. Utopia’s technology has the features of high standards, manual work minimized in set-up and use, quality products using the world’s best text analytics algorithms.

Before a project, we analyse your targets and the data available. We do only project that will succeed, so if the case seems uncertain, we will strongly recommend you to try something else.

Utopia is the world-leading text analytics expert. Based on artificial intelligence, data mining and machine-learning, our text analytics tool provides user-friendly, intuitive and time-saving shortcuts for a wide variety of text classification, clustering and documentation needs. Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform is a SaaS service, accessible through Utopia API, and works with any language or dialect in the world.


Text classification

With the help of artificial intelligence in Utopia AI, our technology is able to define the semantic contents of a piece of text or larger document and give classifications, tags or segments automatically. The structure is based on how humans would do the work.

Text clustering

Utopia AI can understand text in any language and cluster messages or documents into groups of similar text without prior knowledge about what the clusters should be. This approach is used to visualize the big picture of a large collection of text.

Text filtering

Many knowledge-intensive tasks benefit for an automated tool looking for the right documents or messages to be filtered separately from others.

Text analytics

Documents may form trends, weak signal, differences, similarities, which are important for analysts, strategists, and researchers. Utopia AI can provide the analysis automatically – with exceptionally high accuracy.

AI for your text processing service

Utopia API answers immediately in the requests sent from your system. Handle large volumes of text automatically, providing value to your users!

AI for making manual processes easy

Most of us who work with reports, e-mails and documentations would like someone to do the routine work for us. Utopia AI can do it! Just ask.

Tech Specs

Tools built for you

Utopia AI Text Analytics Platform accepts products, which may have been specifically built for you. Or you can try one of our ready products.

Real-time, 24/7

Utopia API answers immediately to your text analytics requests.

Easy to integrate

A SaaS solution gives an easy integration endpoint for your requests.

Any language and any style

Utopia AI technology works for any language or dialect. Whether the text is technical descriptions, SMS’s, e-mails, articles, or user profiles, Utopia AI is able to understand the semantic meaning in it.

Images, speech, number data

Besides text, Utopia AI technology also handles other forms of data, such as images, speech, numbers and categorical information. Utopia’s text analytics technology is extremely good for unstructured data.

Easy to use

Utopia’s technology is always packaged so that it is easy to understand and take into use.

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