October 15, 2019

Money talk: AI increases ad publishing speed and quality.

Business case: How can an online marketplace make over €160 000 more every month after starting AI moderation?

What are the business benefits if an online marketplace starts using advanced AI moderation tools? What sort of boost and how big a growth can an online classifieds company expect by utilising AI?

In this white paper, we answer the questions above based on a real customer case.

In this case, an online marketplace receives 1,6 million C2C ads per month. The number of messages between users is significant: 20 million a month. The size of the moderation team is 42 people. The cost to maintain the team falls around 63 000 euros a month.

After implementing AI moderation, here are the marketplace’s reported numbers:

How did it manage to make over 160 000 euros per month?

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