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June 2018


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Utopia participating Global Online Marketplaces Summit in Miami

Global Online Marketplaces Summit is the most important meeting for online classifieds and marketplaces industry around the world.

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CEO Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri a keynote speaker for Academy of Finland

On June 18 2018 Utopia’s CEO Mari-Sanna Paukkeri was presenting as a keynote speaker in an opening seminar for Academy of Finland.

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Tamedia TX featured Utopia AI Moderator

Utopia’s co-operative partner, Swiss media conglomerate Tamedia, held their annual technology exchange conference Tamedia TX June 14th 2018.

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Toxic content is a real risk to media companies

Many media companies are deeply worried about the negative effect that toxic content can have on their carefully designed brands.

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Utopia launches strategical partnership in the UK

Utopia Analytics has concluded an agreement with Fiare on selling Utopia AI Moderator in the UK.

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