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70% of gamers seen or experienced toxicity

A new joint report by consumer research platform PickFu and AI-based moderation specialist Utopia Analytics finds 70% of online gamers have experienced or witnessed harassment while playing games online.

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Utopia Analytics appoints Sharon Fisher as gaming industry becomes a growing focus

Utopia Analytics expand its senior team as it grows its gaming footprint.

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Utopia AI determines amounts of hate speech on different social platforms

Circa 97% of identified hate speech messages are on discussion forums, followed by Twitter messages at 2.5%.

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Finland’s government will use Utopia to examine online hate speech

What forms of hate speech will artificial intelligence find online? What are the channels where hate speech flourishes? How does hate speech differ from channel to channel and platform to platform?

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COVID-19 response: Utopia Analytics offers help for major social media companies

Utopia Analytics is aware of the struggle that social media giants now face with content moderation and we are offering our help.

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Utopia has published Ethical AI Manifesto

Finnish AI house Utopia Analytics has published a framework for ethically sustainable artificial intelligence.

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Leading Brazilian online media, UOL, chooses Finnish AI tool

Utopia AI Moderator has already boosted user engagement by 50 % and helped UOL cut costs significantly.

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Facebook refused help to end hate speech in Sri Lanka

An AI moderation company offered its help to Facebook in Sri Lanka but was turned away.

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Why on earth did Danish kids’ social media choose a Finnish text analytics company to moderate Danish language?

Launched in 2013, Danish Momio needs real-time moderation to keep their young users safe. This is how they’re dealing with more than 1 million messages in 7 languages sent everyday.

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Utopia Analytics secures top journalist as new director

Utopia Analytics has appointed Janne Huuskonen, an experienced and awarded journalist, as Director, Marketing and Communications.

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