Momio protects its young users from bullying and bad behaviour, whilst simultaneously educating them.

Kids chatting in ten European countries are now kept safe at Momio.

Utopia’s AI Moderator checks well over one million chat messages every day in the children’s social network Momio – in real time, seven days a week. It intervenes automatically when inappropriate messages are written, keeping kids both safeguarded from bullying, and educated on what is and isn’t appropriate.

Momio is available in Austrian German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Swiss German, each of which is moderated with Utopia AI Moderator.

About Momio

Momio is an online community site for kids from 7–13 years old. Momio’s aim is to provide a safe and responsible environment for its young users, in which they can make new friends and share pictures and videos. The platform is currently operating in 10 European countries and has gained a stable foothold as a popular service amongst children – fun, yet safe for them to use without constant parental supervision.


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