April 9, 2019

White paper: “How to attract social beings? – Best practices in moderating news comments.”

Driving up online reader engagement has always been a challenge for every media owner. It is indeed the Holy Grail to achieve low bounce rate and high engagement rate. In order to do so, contents need to be attractive enough to encourage readers to read more, stay longer on the site and, most importantly, share their thoughts. Therefore, any technological solution that promises to help gain this status is certainly worth looking into.

In the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has gradually been gaining popularity for being able to perform the work of thousands of humans in just a nick of time, while maintaining a significantly lower cost compared to manual process. In addition, even newsrooms, always unwilling to move away from traditional technologies, started to pay attention to the promising results of AI in comment moderation.

And, there are solid reasons as to why they do. 

Utopia has published a white paper, which will introduce some of the best practices of AI implementation in news comment moderation. As with many emergent technologies, everything is not quite as it seems. Some companies that claim to use AI, in fact, do not; and this is considered “AI”, not AI. Therefore, we also offer in this paper a few tips to detect the fake AI, as well as methods to wisely choose the right AI comment moderation method.


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