Your rules, our tools.

Automation with Utopia AI Moderator increases quality, improves publishing speed and reduces costs.


Utopia AI Moderator

Utopia AI Moderator is a fully automated moderation tool that protects your online community and your brand from abusive user-generated content, fraud, cyberbullies and spam. It learns from the publishing decisions your human moderators made previously, works in real time, with a higher degree of accuracy when compared to humans.

Utopia AI Moderator understands the context, works in any language, and is especially good in informal language, slang or dialect. Our tool increases the quality of published content. It removes publishing delays and provides reliable, consistent curation around the clock, allowing human moderators to focus on moderation policy management and only the most difficult cases.

Utopia AI Moderator is ready for production use in only two weeks, and it moderates 100% of your incoming content. It stays up-to-date by learning as it works.

Who benefits

Users get engaged

Real-time publishing allows your users to form communities and get fast interaction with other users. They are also unaffected by any bad behaviour from other users.

Your advertisers reach more

A higher quality environment, with better content and more visitors will make your site a more interesting place for advertisers.

Head of Digital: less hassle

Your AI model is production quality in 2 weeks. It’s very straightforward for both your moderation and IT teams. Your troublesome moderation rule spaghetti and stop lists became a thing of the past.


The compliance team are happy

The routine part of your moderation work is automated with a high degree of accuracy. As a result, your people can focus on defining the publishing policy and on a few more challenging cases. This improves human moderators’ work efficiency and job satisfaction.

Chief Editor / Publisher

Utopia AI Moderator never sleeps and is not biased. It is more accurate than humans or traditional AI. It keeps moderation consistent and your unique publishing policy up-to-date. You are able to see the big picture in moderation.

Your IT

The SaaS solution requires only 2–3 days of IT work from you for set up. No maintenance or manually created rules is required. It’s perhaps the first AI tool that really does what it promises.


Tailor-made off the shelf tool

To implement Utopia AI Moderator takes only 2 weeks. Utopia AI Moderator is a SaaS solution and your IT team will be able to integrate your database to the Utopia API in few days.

Your rules, our tools

Utopia AI Moderator doesn’t define your moderation policy. You do. It learns from your human moderation decisions to meet your specific requirements. If you want to change your moderation policy, that’s also very easy: just few clicks and Utopia AI learns automatically.

Functional features

Utopia AI Moderator can define the reason why a particular content was flagged. It can also handle content in other languages, process links, email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, usernames, identify various contents occurring in spam messages, duplicates, near duplicates, atypical content, and all kinds of meta information, user behaviour, bans, robots and emoticons.

Social media language

Processing informal language is natural for Utopia AI Moderator. It understands the semantic meaning regardless of spelling errors, informal grammar use or unusual meanings of words. It is the only true language-agnostic moderation tool in the world, and was originally developed in one of the most complex language in the world, Finnish. As a result it can easily be deployed into any language or dialect.

Image and video moderation

As with text, so can images and videos also be moderated automatically according to your own publishing policy. Adding an image and video moderation feature increases the overall quality of your user-generated content.

Utopia AI

The unique text analytics AI technology behind Utopia AI Moderator is developed by our top scientists. It doesn’t require Natural Language Processing (NLP) components. Utopia AI creates the big picture, and because the approach is unbiased, it can be used as a basis for open decisions.

Interested? Let's talk.

Contact us and try Utopia AI Moderator with your moderation policy in a dedicated pilot project. To get started, all we need is the human moderation decisions from your database. We will guide you every step of the way in the integration process, and give a clear documentation.

How does Utopia AI Moderator work?

See a real-life example of how our customers benefit from Utopia AI Moderator every day.

We chose Utopia AI Moderator for its unrivalled capability to handle colloquial conversation and emerging expressions.” (Aller Media)

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